Ozersky Presses Duck with Alex Guarnaschelli at The Darby

For what might be one of the classiest dishes featured at this year’s Meatopia, chef Alex Guarnaschelli will be using what she refers to as “a spa treatment for duck carcasses” to prepare her Canard A La Presse with Sauce Chasseur. The specialized contraption, simply called a duck press, helps collect all the delicious juices the animal has to offer. In this Meatopia preview, Josh Ozersky visits Guarnaschelli at The Darby to do some serious duck pressing and taste testing. Mmm nothing like a little flavor from the blood of a carcass to really step things up a notch. Don’t miss chef Guarnaschelli (The Darby, Butter) and her decadent duck at Meatopia Heights on September 8th.