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Heritage Radio Launches “Evolutionaries” Series

Heritage Radio Network, the non-profit organization founded by Heritage Foods USA, has launched an exciting new radio series featuring weekly commentary by some of the great leaders in the food and restaurant industry. Entitled “Evolutionaries,” the documentary series will follow behind-the-scenes stories by those who have helped shape food culture as we know it today.

Yesterday the first episode aired with Steve Jenkins revealing his illegal cheese trade and the program will continue next week with author and food chemist, Harold McGee. Listeners can expect some unusual stories that include Eric Ripert reminiscing about his late-night clubbing days. The program will air every Wednesday at 1pm on Heritage Radio. The current schedule includes:

April 24th:  Harold McGee
May 8th:  Eric Ripert
May 22nd:  Florence Fabricant
June 5th:  Rick Bayless
June 19th:  Marion Nestle
July 3rd:  Wylie Dufresne
July 17th:  Paul Saginaw
July 31st:  The Mondavi Family

Coming soon: Eric Asimov, Joan Dye Gussow, Dorothy Cann Hamilton, Kermit Lynch, Patrick Martins, Frank Stitt, Alice Waters, and others.