First We Feast Invites Controversy with Latest Listicle

The relatively new addition to the food blogosphere, First We Feast, has launched the start of it’s 2013 with a controversial article titled, “20 Things Everyone Thinks About the Food World (But Nobody Will Say).”  The listicle calls out the sustainable food movement as only being relevant to rich white people, refers to the world’s powerhouse chefs as belonging to an elusive “Illuminati,” accuses the current Times staff, including Pete Wells, for making reviews “less influential and less discerning” than they’ve ever been, and audaciously declares that all wine tastes the same.  The bold article was published yesterday and already there has been an outcry of responses, some commending First We Feast on a “provocative and smart” article (a compliment made surprisingly by Pete Wells himself on Twitter), while others debunk certain points made on the list like Grub Street‘s response that argues the statement “The New York Times restaurant review has gone soft” by  commenting, “ask the powers that be at Le Cirque and ’21′ if they think that’s true.”

Whether or not you believe the list to be true, there is no denying that First We Feast has pushed a few buttons with its recent post while also making some interesting points.  While we may not agree that all wine tastes the same (c’mon, really?), we always respect a bit of controversy, especially when the food culture phenomenon is basically begging everyone to start a blog and put in their two cents.  There is no denying that there is now a “celebrity” element in the food world  as it becomes an intricate part of pop culture.  With the rise of “foodie-ism” food culture’s popularity will only attract more criticism, conversation, and controversy.  And we say, bring it on.