What Will They Think Of Next: Tattooed Bananas

You’ve seen food art tattooed on chefs, now it’s the food itself that is being tattooed. Artist Phil Hansen draws famous works of art on bananas, including The Birth of Venus and Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, using only a pushpin and letting the banana’s natural oxidation reveal the art. Watch him at work in the video above.

OzerskyTV On The Rise Of The No Substitutions World (Produced by Underground Eats)

Join Josh at his “fortress of solitude,” Eisenberg’s, as he bemoans the rise and rise of the “no substitutions world” at restaurants. Despite the ethereal tasting menu at Torrisi Italian Specialities, Josh is not a fan of enforced multi-course menus and being told what he can or can’t order – just give him his buttered toast and Sweet’N Low!

  • DaliBoxOffice

    Dali in the eye socket of his fish "box office" at the entrance to Dream of Venus.

  • IMG_2744

    Woman as a piano, in Dali's Dream of Venus display

  • Entrance

    The famous entrance to Dali's surrealist funhouse

  • DreamOfVenusExterior

    Exterior of the Dream of Venus "funhouse"

  • DaliAtWork

    Dali at work on his "Dream of Venus" installation.

  • DaliLadyDesk

    Dali and his "desk."

  • DreamOfVenus

    One of Dali's "queens" on display inside Dream of Venus

Enter Through the Lady’s Legs, Tickets at the Fish Head

One of the most intriguing and remembered exhibitions at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City was without a doubt Salvador Dali’s bizarre, surrealist funhouse, Dream of Venus.  Those who were at the scene in 1939 and dared to enter Dali’s interactive, artistic spectacle, would have had to pass under a pair of woman’s spread-apart legs and purchase their tickets at a giant fish head.

This avant-garde  ”girlie-show” featured displays of naked ladies swimming in water tanks while some were perhaps milking a wounded cow or typing on a floating typewriter.  Inside, visitors found live lobsters sizzling on a hot bed of coals, another naked woman laying in a giant bed, surrounded by red satin, flowers and leaves, and a rubber female figure painted as a piano.

Surprisingly, the incredible exhibition was merely an abridged, censored version of Dali’s original vision.  The artist was livid when his main sponsors would not allow him to (for example) blow up giraffes or put a fish head on a woman’s body.  In an outcry against the censorship , Dali wrote the “Declaration of the Independence of the Imagination and of the Rights of Man to His Own Madness” outlining his adamant support for artistic freedom.  Exploding giraffes? Come on, what could be wrong with that?

Bummed you missed out on this ridiculousness?  If so, don’t fret,  the Absurdity of Dali and the 1939′s World Fair will return for one night on June 3rd at the McKittrick Hotel.  In the meantime take a peak at the bizarre images and video from the Dream of Venus exhibition.

  • AnthonyBourdain

    Anthony Bourdain, cocktail in hand, at Extra Mooga.

  • AprilBroomfield&WillieGeist

    April Bloomfield and Willie Geist butchering a whole pig.

  • ExtraMoogaPanel

    James Murphy, Aziz Ansari, David Chang, and Ruth Reichl at the Extra Mooga Panel.

  • Justin-MenWhoDine

    Do or Dine's Justin Warner making some ridiculous foie gras donuts! Photo by Men Who Dine.

  • Morimoto

    Chef Morimoto displaying his knife skills with a whole tuna.

  • RockingOut

    Music and food fans googa-mooga-ing with air guitars.

  • MelonArt

    Plenty of food art on display including these impressive melon carvings.

  • LaFreidaWholeCow

    Pat LaFrieda, cue'ing an entire cow.

  • TomEddiePatton

    Tom Colicchio, Eddie Huang, Patton Oswalt

  • GoogaMooga

    Beautiful day to eat, drink, and be merry in Prospect Park.

A Googa Mooga Weekend

For those of you who enjoyed the beautiful weather while getting your Googa Mooga on in Prospect Park this past weekend, we hope you managed to taste some delicious food and boogie to The Roots and some Hall & Oates (while waiting in line, that is).  Yes, the lines were never-ending, the lack of free water bordering on criminal, and we didn’t receive a single bite of food having sprung for Extra Googa tickets, but there’s always hope for next year. For those who did not attend,  Gotham Gal sums up the experience with some of the best quotes from the event.

Now, time to relax and enjoy Dave Arnold making some seriously strong carbonated cocktails on Day 1 of Googa Mooga. By directly carbonating the alcohol itself, Dave Arnold offers a soda/tonic-free bubbly cocktail.