Two Years of Culinary Adventure with Underground Eats

From chanterelle soup with a Colt.45 gelee at BDGA Kitchen in Bedstuy to a brunch pool party with bacon sticky buns, drag queens and speedos as far as the eyes can see, we’ve been working tirelessly over the years to bring New Yorkers unforgettable culinary events that go far beyond the average dining experience.

Here’s a delicious look back at all the food, the drinks, the memories and laughs that we have shared with our members, clients, conspirators, collaborators, chefs and friends since our launch. It has been an absolute pleasure and quite a wild ride. As we close down shop and go back to the underground, we wish you all the best and remind you to “keep your ear to the Underground” – you never know when we will resurface and blow your minds with more outrageous culinary experiences.

Fare thee well until we eat again…

  • prosciutto prince

    Charlie Bird's Chef Ryan Hardy was crowned Prince of Prosciutto di Parma at the Prosciutto di Parmapalooza. Congrats!

  • chef and the farmer

    It was a joy having our good friends Vivian Howard and Ben Knight from N.C.'s Chef And The Farmer (and now from PBS's hit show A Chef's Life) come up to NYC to do a dinner with Underground Eats

  • bacon sticky buns blogger

    These bacon sticky buns prepared by Pastry Chef Zac Young at Big Gay Brunch

  • carousel2 blogger

    Despite the sudden downpour an hour before the event, our first Vanity Fair dinner, "An Evening at Jane's Carousel," ended up being a picture-perfect New York summer night

  • supper bowl fellas

    Some good lookin' fellas from The Supper Bowl event. From left to right: David Santos (Louro), Goerge Mendes (Aldea), Sean Brock (Husk, McCrady's) and Harris Damashek (Underground Eats co-founder)

  • absurdity

    Can't get more absurd than the absurdity captured in this amazing photo! This is just one of the ridiculous scenes from the Underground Eats launch event, "Absurdity at the McKittrick" with Chef Marc Murphy

  • sichuan2 too much!

    Scene from The Sichuan Trail: These too were tuckered out after a full day of riding the Colombian party bus all around the city in search of the best sichuan dishes you can get in NYC

  • snake wine

    Guests at our "A Cure for a Holiday Hangover" party last year took shots of this tasty snake wine

  • lee ann at angelina

    One of our favorite UGE members, Angelina (front and center) booked Chef Lee Anne Wong through Underground Eats to prepare dinner for her and friends. Needless to say it was a raucous good time with bad ass food!

  • lafrieda reserve

    Take a good look at this gorgeous piece of LaFrida Reserve beef which was served at Underground Eats' The Breslin Butcher's Ball at The Ace Hotel

  • 24 legs of ham

    How many legs of Prosciutto di Parma ham does it take to make a Wall of Ham? 24 is the correct answer

  • getting narwal trophy

    The winning synchronized swimming team accepting the prized Narwhal Trophy at Big Gay Brunch

Underground Eats Wrap-up in Numbers

1357- The number of Instagram photos on @ugeats as of January 10

567- The number of posts published on The Bloggery

476 – The number of culinary experiences produced or promoted by Underground Eats

376- The number of newsletters sent out to our members brining news about the most unique food and drink events

375- The number of guests who attended Underground Eats’ Absurdity at The McKittrick launch party back in June 2012

128- The number of “likes” received by our most “liked” photo on Instagram. This is the photo

36- The number of Ozersky TV episodes produced by Underground Eats

24- The number of Michelin stars earned by chefs featured in Underground Eats events

23- The number of UGE events attended by one of our top members since Underground Eats launched

22- The average number of events posted on UGE every month

20- The number of  lobster-centric UGE experiences

18- The number of Um Segredo Supper Club events we promoted before Chef Dave Santos opened his own restaurant, Louro

8- The number of sold out Crazy for Uni dinners

7- The number of people who got the Prosciutto di Parma logo actually tattooed on their body in exchange for a free leg of prosciutto ham at Prosciutto di Parmapalooza

3- The number of bottles of snake wine served at our 2012 holiday party – bottoms up!

2- The number of drag queen judges the Narwhal Synchronized Swimming Contest at Big Gay Brunch

1- The number of Wall Street Journal spreads dedicated to a UGE event (Big Gay Brunch)

1- The number of unicorns at Big Gay Brunch

“When Life Hands You Chicken, Make Fried Chicken”

Chicken Pop-up_Red

What will eventually be a fully functioning restaurant, butcher shop and cooking school in Philadelphia, Kensington Quarters is starting things off by opening its doors this week with a special BYOB fried chicken pop-up dinner on January 9. Why? Kensington Quarters owner and former Fleisher’s Grass-fed and Organic Meats butcher Bryan Mayer explains, “We [the Kensington Quarters team] told the farmer we would buy 200 chickens a week for Kensington Quarters starting in 2014 and we aren’t ready yet. So when life hands you chicken, make fried chicken, and some biscuits, a couple of sides, make it a BYOB and play some awesome tunes! That’s what we’re going to do.”

Yup, that’s what they are going to do. While Mayer waits for his farm-raised beef to come in and takes care of the restaurant’s final touches before the grand opening, he’s testing the waters and feeding hungry locals by serving up some delicious non-GMO, pasture-raised birds with hearty sides.

So that means all our Philly friends need to hit up this one-night-only fried chicken pop-up on January 9. The feeding frenzy begins at 6pm and continues until 11pm (or whenever they run out of chickens). Find more info here.

WTF [Weird Things Food-Related]

A New Type of Italian Cuisine

Apparently diners need heed caution when ordering their meals in Italy these days. A recent covert investigation uncovered that in Civitavecchia, a city about 50 miles northwest of Rome, restaurants have been illegally serving up dolphin meat. When diners order “black” with their antipasti, they get none other than a big ol’ salad covered in dried, shaved dolphin meat. According to The Guardian, one kilo of this super illegal jerky will set you back a whopping 900 euros, or $1,240. Between this and France’s horse meat appearances, we’re not really sure where to look for culinary influence anymore.


Public Displays of Consumption

Talk about food porn. Korea’s twenty-somethings are getting off to a new type of internet entertainment. “Mok-Bang” (which references the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast”) is the practice of live-streaming luxurious feasts, often to thousands of viewers. Typically, one diner will sit at a table full of food and quietly stuff their face for a number of hours. There’s no nudity or sex, but it’s definitely voyeuristic. See for yourself. 




Watch out Gowanus Whole Foods: This Is The World’s Coolest Grocery Store

This place really brings the freezer aisle to a whole new level. This new pop-up grocery store in Bachrest, Romania is entirely made of ice. The shelves (which are frozen solid) hold produce, beverages, and other typical grocery items Just be sure to bundle up! The store is kept at a chilly 40°F to keep ice from melting.





Well, this is pretty terrifying. Earlier this week, Twitter users were shocked and appalled by the “Cthuken”. Made of turkey, crab legs, bacon, and obviously-necessary octopus tentacles, this creation is the brainchild of Rusty and Jennifer Eulburg of Texas. Although we’re sure each piece individually tastes delicious, we think the ensuing nightmares eliminate any chance of us recreating this beast ourselves.




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